Friday, May 15, 2009

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Program

The CLYL program is as follows:-

Day 1
8:30am Breakfast & Registration

9:30am Introduction of CLY Teacher & house rules.
9:40am Video clips: International news coverage.
10.00am Participant Introductions
10:30am Laughter Yoga, history, concept, philosophy with warm up exercises
10:50am Tea/Coffee Break
11:20am Laughter Yoga session (10 foundation exercises)
12:30pm LUNCH
1:30pm Laughter Yoga Leader basic facilitation skills
3:00pm Tea/Coffee Break
3:20pm Laughter Yoga session (10 more foundation exercises)
4:00pm Quick description of what is Laughter Yoga?
4:30pm Laughter meditation
5.00pm Till We Meet Again

Day 2
8.30am Breakfast & Sign-In

9:30am Feedback from Day 1 – how did you feel about yesterday?
9:50am Benefits of Laughter Yoga, scientific research and contraindication.
10.10am Practice session to continue both practical and theory.
11.00am Tea/Coffee Break

11:30am Laughter Yoga in companies and corporations.
11.50am Laughter Yoga session (10 more foundation exercises)
12.30noon LUNCH
1.30pm How to laugh alone?
2:30pm Laughter Yoga with seniors – techniques and practice.

3:00pm How to start a laughter club
3:10pm Laughter Yoga with school children.
3:30pm Tea/Coffee Break
4:00pm Laughter Yoga session (10 more foundation exercises)
4:30pm Certification, group photo and networking
5.00pm Till We Meet Again


K Yeap said...

would be interested to know if there's a certification course in KL? Thanks :)


If there is at least 10 participants, my team & I can have a CLYLeader program in KL... Do drop me a line at TQ for your interest in Laughter...