Sunday, May 24, 2009

5th Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders

Very Good, Very Good, Ye.....eah!
17 graduated yesterday as Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders in Johor Bahru.
We had 1 (Azlan) from Petaling Jaya, 1 (Lai) from Batu Pahat, 1 (Lily) from Kluang and the rest from Johor Bahru.

A thunderous, fabulous 2-Day program. A big thank you to all Leaders who were at the venue Cheshire Home, assisting this program (Doreen, Lucy, Esther, Siew Mei, Wendy, Grace, Christy, Audrey Fong, Teresa, Mei Lan, Soon Chit, Ing Ming) & others who had helped in one way or another.... Hohohahaha



Liza Alip said...

Dear Jean,

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the 2Day Laughter Yoga Certification Course. It was indeed a new thing I have learned. Though I had a very bad diarrhoea on day 1, I was almost giving up at that time, but I felt that the training method, active participation and support from leaders was very encouraging.

Congrtulation to you and your team for the excellent training!

Now, I will be able to laugh more.....

Liza Alip


Hohohahaha.... Thank you for your sharing.. this motivates me and my team to strive for more laughers in Johor Bahru and in our country Malaysia....