Monday, March 2, 2009

Laughter Yoga Leader Josephine Tan Sioh Hoon

Initially, I was very skeptical about the Laughter Yoga course. I attended the course because my friend, Doreen (a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader graduated in Sept 2008 under Teacher Lee-Jean) strongly recommended this program & I just obliged her.

I used to rely on sleeping pill to sleep. After this 2-Day program, I no longer require the sleeping pill and there was no disruption in my sleep. I felt light hearted. I wish to spread Laughter Yoga to my friends. It is simply so easy. You can do it anywhere, in the office, in the car or on your beautiful bed. I have started practicing it daily. It has changed my outlook in life. To all human beings, go for it!!! Hohohohahahahehehe
……………………….. Josephine Tan Sioh Hoon


anne said...

very good very good yeh!!its really a great change for Leader Josephine since the 1st day of the Laughter Yoga Leadership programme. Her attitude was changed 180 degree, she really enjoyed so much. It was great that she came down all the way from Taman Johor Jaya to join us at Leisure Mall on Wednesday . Hohohahaha


Thanks Anne for being there at Leisure Mall to support the group.... Hohohahahaha