Saturday, April 10, 2010

Change of venue of World Laughter Day

Attention! Hohohahaha
Change of venue of World Laughter Day celebration in Johor Bahru to The Zon, Johor Bahru......
Come and experience the joy and benefits of Laughter ......with an exciting program starting 7.30am at The Zon, Johor Bahru


Helen said...

I am so happy to hear that you are coming to Kota Kinabalu to hold clown training.

I also trained to be a laughter teacher with Dr Madan Kataria. I have tried to start a laughter group here but am having difficulty as I have not been here very long. I hope that when you come we can get it going!

Best of luck with World Laughter Day!

Love and laughter!


Hi! Helen,
We'll incorporate some laughter exercises in the clown workshop.
4 Laughter leaders just got back from Patch Adams' Clowning and Caring in Mexico!