Monday, August 23, 2010

Laughter Yoga is Amazing

I have just completed my certificate for Laughter Yoga Leader and it was an absolutely mind blowing experience. I was going through some emotional rollercoaster of late and came upon this beautiful lady whom I met in the Money & You Johor Bahru Graduates tea gathering recommending that I should join her in the journey of sharing laughter to people around us. Somehow, I joined without much hesitancy and I love every single step of the journey.

The amazing part about the effect after the program is that it reflects immediately. I went for lunch with my sister in law, Jacy who also attended the program, a friend from the program and my lovely cousin. Interestingly the aura or essence of our joyfulness spreads like wildfire. There we sat in the restaurant, wondering what else to order, suddenly came the waitress asking us “why are you sitting down? Go clean up the plates!” All of us just burst into laughter as the waitress were teasing us because our t-shirt color were exactly the same as theirs. As our laughter travels, came another waiter faking a HOHO HOHO and came up to us and said “Your laughter is like the shaolin monk, the power coming from the solar plexus is amazing!” Then again all 4 of us burst in laughter. This time around the other guests turned over and gave us the weird look and we laughed again. They couldn’t resist it and it set off the whole restaurant laughing. All the guests and workers were delighted and felt the fun of joyfulness from just a simple act of laughing.

As we leave the restaurant, several of the workers made remarks such as “come back and laugh again”, “ho ho ho” and “what is laughter yoga?”. I AM AMAZED! They were very happy with the laughing and they actually took note of what we do from our tshirts! Somehow, I walked out of the restaurant that day feeling very joyful and contented! I am contented because a simple laughter could brighten up the day for so many people just like that, may it be those whom I have known for years or those whom I just met!

I AM INSPIRED! I am inspired to share the great activity with people around! I am inspired to promote it into the corporate culture! I am inspired to spread the joy through laughter! I am inspired to contribute to world peace through laughter!


Kit Ti

Friday, August 13, 2010

JB Laughers 2nd Anniversary Announcement

It's time for our JB Laughers 2nd Anniversary.....18th September @ The ZON.... Hohohahaha

Laughter at Toastmasters Installation

Installation Dinner, Bollywood style of Presidents and EXCOs of JB City & CIMA JB Toastmasters Clubs....on 7th August 2010
The MC requested for an impromptu Laughter Yoga session and the Laughter leaders (Liza, Jessie, Esther, Jean) obliged and there was joy, fun and laughter throughout the whole evening. Very Good, Very Good, Ye....eeeah!

Karnival Utamakan Keluarga

The Laughter Yoga session at the Karnival Utamakan Keluarga (Family First Carnival) held on 1st August 2010 at Pu Sze School was a much fun, joy and laughter.... Hohohahaha


Laughter Yoga Leaders Karen, Serena, Lucy, Siew Foon, Christy & Teacher Jean went to Muar on 23rd July and conducted a 3 hour workshop with 21 enthusiastic Muarians. The very next morning, more than 40 pax turned up at New Tanjung (river bank) for the first ever Laughter Yoga session in Muar. There is no turning back and till date, the Muar Laughers meet every Sunday at 7am for 30 minutes of Laughter Yoga exercises with turn-up of 50-60 pax and the number is growing. Kudos to Lynda and Datin Kelly for making Laughter Yoga a reality in Muar!