Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chinese New Year Laughter at Pandan Old Folks Home

JB Laughers visited the Pandan Old Folks Home during their Open House Day. The video shows the Prosperity God Laughter.... "Chai Sen Tau, Chai Sen Tau, Hahahahaha....."

We had created the 3 in 1 Chinese New Year Laughter (see below).

  • Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Hahahahaha (3 times)
  • Loh Ah, Huat Ah, Huat Ah, Hahahahaha (3 times)
  • Yam....Yam....Yam.... Seng... Hahahahaha

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Testimony from Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Erlinda

Erlinda, a certified laughter yoga leader from Kuala Lumpur at our recent program in January 2010.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

JB Laughers at the Pandan Old Folks Home


Tiger Laughter and the Cha Cha Laughter at the Pandan Old Folks Home in Johor Bahru.

A Chinese New Year celebration and appreciation lunch to donors and contributors to the upkeep of this Home....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

JB Laughers at YB Mok Chek Hou's Open House

Very Good, Very Good, Ye...eah....
There are many open houses during Chinese New Year and we went for one on 20th Feb at Taman Sri Tebrau's community hall hosted by YB Mok CH. We had playful moments with the God of Prosperity....

Lots of food and we created our Chinese New Greetings Laughter....
(Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Hahahahaha) x 3 times.................

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Testimonial from Laughter Leader Lay-Kean

6th Batch Laughter Leader Ooi Lay Kean says......

然laughter yoga有如一把钥匙
very good ,very good....YEH!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A message from Laughter Yoga Leader Jennifer

Dear all,

I led my 1st Laughter Yoga (LY) session last Sunday at Eagles Nest with the help from another leader, Gooi. Thank you for all the help and all the leaders that had attended, Azlan, Suraya and Guru.

A total of about 30 people turned up. Although a few of them were friends and families, I still felt great with the number of attendees for this first LY session. Unfortunately, we were too busy laughing and no one was 'free' to take any picture.

Initially, I was a bit nervous and there was a time when my mind was a total blank and I did not know what laughter exercise to do next. At that point, somebody's mobile phone rang! Thank goodness, that immediately reminded me that we could do mobile phone laughter..... hahahaha....

After the session, some participants actually asked if we will have the Laughter session on a regular basis. That to me is equivalent to "they love the session"!!
Yes, now we are having laughter yoga sessions once every 2 weeks, at the same place, same time!! Our next sessions will be on 28/2/10, 14/3/10 and 28/3/10, 10am at EaglesNest. Please come along and bring your friends, family members etc to share the joy and benefits of laughter!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

An email from a friend.... Hohohahaha

Dear Ms Fung,

I must thank you for sharing with me on your laughter program. Let me share with you my experience on what happened during my “Train The trainer” Seminar (by Blair Singer) in Singapore.

On our final assignment, we were given half an hour to present our topic. I actually wanted to do the topic on “Caring for the terminally ill” but after some thoughts, I realized that it is a very dry subject. So I change the topic to “How To Be A Rich Clown”.

I touched on the opportunity to help the uneducated and poor to earn more money so that it will elevate their financial condition. As a person does not need a degree or diploma to learn how to clown, this is a niche market to go into for them.

I also needed to demonstrate how to do the job! But I have no clowning experience. So the next thing that comes into my mind is laughter.

I shared with them that whenever anyone sees a clown, they will automatically laugh or a smile will be on their face. But my group was still staring at me with a stern learning face. I was a bit worried because the “Blair Singer”, the trainer, came to my direction. I have to do something otherwise I will get a dressing down from him. I had seen him telling the participants off very sternly. Then I asked my group for permission if I could demonstrate to them, and they say YES.

I just burst out laughing from deep inside me for no reason at ALL.

Immediately I could see that they started to smile at first, when I continued my laughing, they joined me laughing, even more than me. This disturbed the other 2 groups beside us because they were laughing too. Then I stopped suddenly and asked them “What are you laughing about”. They said they don’t know but just because there was laughing going on and they can’t helped but just laughed! I had proven the point to them that laughter is contagious.

I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I CAN DO THAT!! It was a totally new experience for me as I was venturing on unknown grounds. I did not even attend any laughter classes or practice. All I knew was that I have to pull through my presentation.

I got a standing ovation for my presentation. That was GOOD. The feedback from the group motivated me even more.

I would like to share what they had written on the feedback forms.

Connie must be the most passionate person about making the world a better place by laughing.
………………………….Angelika Dahmen

Connie made me laugh so hard, I had not experienced it for a long time. I am sure I can learn that from her and give a laugh to everyone. FANTASTIC, MAGIC
………………….. Rainner Zimmerman.

Ms Fung, I must thank you for sharing both the clown workshop and the laughter session with me. Your sharing have made me realized that I am capable of doing things that I have never imagine.

Thank again and God Bless

Connie Cheah
1st February 2010