Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joy at Taman Iskandar Home

Laughter Leaders Lucy & Lea Hua were at the Taman Iskandar Home bringing laughter and colorful balloon hats to the residents there. They were invited by MCA Wanita group who is having their New Year visit there.

13th Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Advance Leader Programs

8 new laughter yoga leaders

9th January 2011
Eight new laughter yoga leaders were certified at Fun Centre, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.
Happy faces were seen..... Check it out at our Facebook....
Laughter Yoga Malaysia.

Creativity @ MAA

4th-January 2011
It was a day of creativity, laughter, a fun way of learning at the MAA start-up for the year...... Wow! Powerful!

Installation Dinner with Laughter

3rd January 2011

It was a joyous dinner at the Officers Installation of Pandan Old Folks Home.

Laughter was introduced at the beginning and lingered on till end of the event...


New Year Cheer at Saleng Home

The 2nd of January of 2011 was a day of joy and fun for residents of the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association at Saleng, Johor.

Madam Jane Lim with family members and friends contributed food and goodies. Fun program was in place and everyone present had a meaningful day, starting the year 2011 with good deeds......

Laughter at Harris Book Store

There is a laughter yoga session every 1st Saturday of the month. The laughter yoga leader is Wendy and she said that it is a joy to see shoppers at Harris Book Store having a break laughing for good health, joy and peace.....

Laughter at Mozart Carnival

Laughter Leader Wendy was leading laughter yoga exercises at the Mozart Carnival at Taman Desa Tebrau on 1st January auspicious day... Hohohahaha

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dr Kataria in Johor Bahru, Malaysia : March 3-6, 2011

Dr Kataria in Johor Bahru for the 1st time..... His schedule is as follows:-

3rd March 2011
Afternoon: Press Conference
Evening: Public Seminar

4th March 2011
Morning: NGOs visit
Afternoon: CLYL program
Evening: Corporate Talk/Dinner

5th March 2011
Morning/Afternoon: CLYL program
Evening: Corporate Talk/Dinner

6th March 2011
Morning: Advance Laughter Yoga Leader program

For more details and booking, please contact Lee-Jean Fung at